Friday, 1 April 2011

Scientifically proved Vegetarian diet for perfect health & living more than 100 years

- Proud to be a Vegetarian !
- Orgulloso de ser un vegetariano!
- Trots om een vegetarisch!
- एक शाकाहारी होने का गर्व !
- ایک شاکاہاری ہونے پر فخر!

Nature has some basic code of conduct for a class of creatures which every creature follows because they are related to their natural body functions. There is no exception in uniformity of nature. Creattivity of Nature lies everywhere. Human mind is a creativity of nature but human is using his mind to such direction that he is not respecting the Nature and Nature's Creativity !

SYMPTOMS of a VEGETARIAN & Non-VEGETARIAN beast in Nature. You can compare the codes of conduct of Veg & Non-Veg Beast and can find yourself that you are in parallel or perpendicular to nature !

1. Veg creature has plain & flat teeth while Non-Veg creatures(lion,tiger,wolf,dog etc) have pinted teeth to cut the fresh meat as meat as tough fibers than a veg food. So simple and flat teeth are not designed to cut fiber of meat, they can cut simple vegetable food. Human teeth are simple and flat like (cow, buffalo, etc.). If human is natural non-veg creature then teeth had to be designed to eat fresh meat but human teeth does not structure to cut fresh meat. Whatever human do, he do with mind (many times not in natural way) to fulfill his desires of tongue (lust of tongue)

2. Veg creature has plain & flat nails while Non-Veg creatures(lion,tiger,wolf,dog etc) have pinted nails. Non-veg creature have to hunt, kill & grab the another creature by using their pinted teeth and nail while vege has to eat plants so they dont have need such feature of pinted nail & teeth. So Human is naturally having plain and flat Nail.

3. All Non-veg beast drink water by their tongue while Veg beast drink water continously with help of lips. Have you seen any human who drink by tongue in life long ? No! so.. human always drink anything with lips.

4. All Veg beast chew their food untill it become paste while Non-veg beast swallow the food. Does human swallow the food ? No, he does not. Whatever human eat (veg or non-veg) he chew it properly and digest it.

One size fits all rabbit costume
Proud to be a Vegetarian !